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Author: Adam Zettler

Welcome to our monthly feature of the best, biggest or most interesting festivals, parties and events going on in cities around the world!

Here are the some of the coolest city events in August.......



August 3rd-5th

What is it? Originally started by Perry Farrell (lead singer of Jane's Addiction) during the grunge and flannel era of the early 90's, Lollapalooza has turned into an annual extravaganza of music, art and dance with diverse acts ranging from Depeche Mode to Ice-T, and everything in between.

How many people attend? About 150,000 people descend upon Chicago's Grant Park for Lollapalooza.

Why it's awesome: It's a virtual music smorgasbord.... where else could you go to see Coldplay on stage followed by The Butthole Surfers?


(image via www.musicfestivaljunkies.com)



Edinburgh International Festival

August 9th-September 2nd

What is it? The "anti-Lollapalooza", the "EIF" as it is known is 3 weeks of high culture in some of the most beautiful settings and venues of Old Edinburgh. Since 1947 the festival has offered up a gathering of world class opera, classical music, theatre and dance. 2012 features the Scottish Royal Orchestra, a reimagining of Gulliver's Travels, a Polish MacBeth and dancers from the world famous Marinsky Ballet, among many other really cool things to do and see.

How many people attend? About 75,000 people a day attend the various going's on throughout Edinburgh.

Why it's awesome: Love fireworks and classical music? How about fireworks and classical music together? The EIF has one of the best fireworks shows on the planet, all accompanied by an orchestra!


(image via www.eventscotland.org)



Berlin Beer Festival

August 3rd-August 5th

What is it? A beer lovers dream. Now in it's 15th year, the Berlin Beer Festival is pretty much about what you would imagine: beer and more beer. Over 300 breweries from over 80 different countries will give revelers a chance to taste over 2000 different types of beer. Of course, being Germany, lots of great food and entertainment will be offered as well.

How many people attend? 2 kilometres of Berlin streets are closed off for the more 750,000 attendeees.

Why it's awesome: Traditional German and European beer is intrisically wonderful, but it's even more cool to try beers from Chile and Egypt, while snacking on wurst and Kartoffelsalat.





August 10th-August 19th

What is it? "Grachten" means canals in Dutch, the Grachtenfestival is a 9 day long classical music mass concert in both indoor and outdoor venues, featuring soloists and orchestras. Most of the concerts are free, and of course are set among Amsterdam's beautiful canals and waterways. Some of the worlds most talented young musicians play everything from Bach to Wagner.

How many people attend? In 2011, over 50,000 people attended the various shows at Grachtenfestival.

Why it's awesome: Where else can you see an cello ensemble playing Mozart while floating along a pontoon boat? The festival even has musical performances and entertainment devoted to children, called Kindergrachtenfestival!


(photo: goamsterdam.com)



La Tomatina-Valencia, Spain

August 29th

What is it? No, its not a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes-it's La Tomatina, an orgy of....tomatoes. More or less a giant, fun filled foodfight, held in the small town of Bunol, Spain on the last Wednesday of August since 1945. How did it all start? Local lore says a brawl of local ruffians, using tomatoes as weapons, which over the years morphed into the insanity you see today. It's now less violent and more about covering your friends with tomatoes.

How many people attend? 30 to 40,000 attend "The World's Largest Foodfight" in this Valencia region town about 300 km south of Madrid.

Why it's awesome: The awesome factor is off the charts.The festivities begin as participants try to reach a ham placed atop a greasy pole (yes you read that right). 40,000 partiers plus 40 tonnes of tomatoes.



Have an awesome event, festival or gathering in your city? Let us know!






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