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My Favorite City: New York is brought to you by our good friends at Citifari Photo Tours

I fell in love with New York when we first met in 2003. I was in the shuttle bus transferring from the airport to my hostel in Harlem. It was on the evening of a rainy day. We passed through many unknown dark streets and then I saw the city lights out of the mist. We drove beneath the Chrysler building that stood so proudly with its illuminated roof and its eagle heads looking at the city. My heart stopped beating: I was in the city that never sleeps. I’ve always dreamed of it and that strange evening the city looked like Gotham City! Since that night, I keep coming back to New York and it is now a 10-year-long love story


There are so many things to do in such a city that I do not pretend to give you a detailed guide of New York, but only a list of my favorite spots. There are many ways to see New York and each of them will give you another perspective of the city. That’s why NYC is such an exciting place: it presents itself each time differently depending on the angle from which you look. It is constantly changing and on the move. Never boring, always ready to surprise you!

1. New York from the sea


We all have in mind the image of the first immigrants arriving in New York by boats and sailing towards the Statue of Liberty with the impressive New York’s skyline in the background. When we think of New York we think about this perfect postcard. That’s why it’s important to first have a look at the city from the sea to measure its magnitude and perhaps also to check that we are really in New York! It is also good to get out of the stress of New York streets to relax by the water.

What I recommend is to take the Staten Island ferry for a free boat trip into New York Bay. You can take the subway into South Ferry near Battery Park; the ferry terminal is right in front of the subway exit.


After your ferry tour, stroll South Street Seaport Historic District and finish your walk at Pier 17 to enjoy the amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Financial District’s buildings from the last floor. Make a stop at Stone Street; (this historic street is full of authentic restaurants) and enjoy eating outside by good weather.


2. New York from a bridge


Since Manhattan is an island, it is surrounded by bridges, and (of course!) the most famous of all of them is the Brooklyn Bridge. Taking the Brooklyn Bridge is an experience itself: noisy, windy, crowded, but so gorgeous! This architecture’s jewel over the East river will impress you by its power and its grace. This is also the perfect place to shot great pictures by playing with its steel cables and the amazing views of the city. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise, at sunset, at night, anytime. Continue your walk towards Dumbo/Brooklyn and admire the view from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Hungry? Enjoy typical pizzas at Ignazio's (4 Water Street) or eat an ice cream on the pier at The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (Corner of Old Fulton and Water Street). Finish your visit with a jump in Brooklyn Heights and the charming Brooklyn Heights Promenade for amazing views of the bay, the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan.


3. New York from above


Believe me, you won’t appreciate

New York fully until you have been at the top of a skyscraper hearing the city's beat, feeling the wind blowing your face, looking at the mini yellow cabs at your feet… I love that feeling and I think I could stay on New York’s rooftops forever without getting bored of the incredible views that the city offers. It is also a great spot the take amazing pictures when not too crowded.


Unfortunately, there are not many options for tourists to see New York from above. If you are not taking the helicopter tour, you have to choose between the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. Since there are two different buildings, there are two distinct groups of fans. Personally, I prefer the Empire State Building because the point of view is more mythical, but the Top of the Rock is nice too. Go up the Empire State in the early morning to play with the first rays of sun or at dusk when the light begins to golden. Wait for the night and enjoy the magic of city lights!


Feeling hungry? Have a 100% grass-fed beef burger at brgr (287 7th Avenue, between 26th and 27th Streets). Ok, it’s not close like the next bloc, but it’s a nice place with good food. Sit on the custom designed banquettes and have a look at the prep and the cooking of your burger. Enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.


Are you a photo-enthusiast? Discover citifari’s New York Landmarks Photo Tour and go for a walk into the city’s heart. New Yorker Hotel, Empire State Building, New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, Chrysler Building and UN Building: the must-see attractions are packed together to make sure you capture your best memories in camera.

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