About Us

What is MetroMarks?

MetroMarks is the world's best travel app when traveling to, or arriving in a city. You can find a city’s weather, local news, movie times, events, blogs, maps of every kind, attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping deals and much more literally in seconds - without even touching your keyboard! Our superb design gives all this to you at your fingertips with a few simple clicks, especially when you are mobile or using your tablet or ipad. We provide 1) much more comprehensive city information, 2) much better quality information, and 3) we serve it up way faster!

We even profile all the social media streams in each city, where you can see a city's videos, pics, tweets or ask a local for advice.

MetroBuzz the official MetroMarks Blog similarly aggregates content for each city from our user base and the travel community. Presenting things in each city like hidden gems, interesting travel experiences or great pictures of city skylines.

So start exploring the world's cities and please bookmark us and tell all your friends about MetroMarks - the planets' best online travel companion!


Who is ultimately behind MetroMarks - You are!

Are we missing your city or an important resource or website in your area - please let us know! If you are using MetroMarks as your homepage when traveling and would like to see something useful added to it for your personal tastes - again let us know!


Our Team

Ayden Byle

Ayden Byle aka Fearless Leader

CEO & Founder

Ayden has held various senior sales development roles at interactive, directory and portal-based Internet startups. As a type 1 diabetic, and in the tradition of Terry Fox, he ran coast to coast across Canada in 1998 raising money for diabetes research. He is the Co-Founder of the Ayden Byle Diabetes Research Foundation and Cure Diabetes Now Foundation. His true passion is travel and philosophy. He has worked in several countries including Japan and Korea. Watch out for this mover and shaker. Ayden is hoping soon to publish his first book about Physics, Philosophy and Life and has a life long dream to build the biggest tree house in the city!


Ayden on the web


Impulse Studios

Impulse Studios

Impulse Studios is the MetroMarks design and development partner. Founded by Cole Thorsen, Impulse began as a passion for art and design, and evolved into a rapidly growing interactive digital firm that has set out to re-imagine the web’s potential. It started with a vision - a better internet that we could use and interact with in new and meaningful ways. He’d had enough of websites that fail to meet the mark. Impulse Studios was created from a craving for a better internet, exploiting the web’s potential to bring out the best in great brands by creating a lasting connection with their clients. Impulse specializes in cutting edge web design, e-commerce solutions, social marketing, blogs, and custom web applications. We pride ourselves in having the most skilled, creative, and knowledgeable team in the Industry, and always complete our projects on time, on budget, and better than expected. Impulse Studios is passionate about changing the web, and building a better internet.

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Founder’s Message

As the founder of MetroMarks it was my intention from the start for it to develop into and be a forum or platform..yes for local guides and blogs and resources in each city…but also a platform or forum, that from time to time could be used to draw attention to inspiring things and projects that people are doing to make life better for others or the community - whether that be for the Environment, Haiti, Kids or World Health Issues. So look forward to some inspiring content and things that people are doing for others on our site. If you know of a group or individual that is making big things happen, inspiring others and making lives and the community Better! Please let us know!

Ayden Byle